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Cinco Panes’ channel is not used to promote commercial content made for clients. The aim for the channel is to be a service for the Universal Catholic Church. Each visitor can use the channel’s content in a very wide range of spaces: churches, schools…


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How often is the channel updated?

The frequency is highly variable. It depends on commitments: labor, family and personal.

We live frantic times. We can be wired 24/7 at the same time we move away from our sisters and brothers. Screens consume our time and we barely look at the eyes of those who suffer around us. Because of that, the Cinco Panes channel on Youtube doesn’t update as much as other channels.

First of all, we have family commitments. A marriage can’t be solidly founded if the partners don’t look at the eyes of each other. Responsible fatherhood shouldn’t rest on the lack of attention to children.

Secondly, the work. Cinco Panes makes multimedia projects to clients related to Catholic environments. It is our priority to give them a good product, effective and efficient.

At last, our pastoral commitments. Personal accompaniment can’t be done as something minor. It needs time, attention and devotion.

Having all these three things in mind, it is easy to understand why the Cinco Panes channel on Youtube doesn’t update each week nor each month. As soon as there exists some free time, this is used to create and upload new content.