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Whatever media .

Your needs are plural. Thus, our solutions adapt to them.

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In this media-overpopulated era, you need to get the right product to go social.

Growing Values .

Behind the media, there exists the human face who made it. The more we work together, the more we'll know each other and the better the solution provided.

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George Bald .

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About 1Zi .

One Zillion of Ideas is a young creative brand dedicated to make video animations and 2D/3D artworks and content. We believe in a non-standard but efficient storytelling method. We do not want to be homogeneous yogurt but the sweet fruit inside it. If all of us are doing the same, where comes the difference from? So we try to tell interesting stories out of the all-the-same standard. This way, we communicate our own and unique interpretation of reality. The clients of our clients are our clients, so our goal is to deliver those the best product we can. At the same time, we try to offer ways to enrich the global community in other ways than economical.

Motion and Animation
2D/3D Illustrations
Other media solutions