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  • Rock St 12, Newyork City, USA
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Cinco Panes offers specialized services in animation and motion graphics. We write, direct and produce stories for brands, organizations and associations related to the Catholic Church.

These stories allow not only show products or grow in customers loyalty, but also participate in the Kingdom of God spread through moving images.

Products or brands .

Give a new life to your brand or your products. We love seeing how a static logo becomes a fluid element or how good audiovisual communication dignifies the work of those who create a product, good or service.

Socialize .

Invade social networks with videos that talk about you, about your company or your products, about the activities you organize ... It reaches thousands of eyes, but do it with discretion.

Video Summaries .

Specifically, we offer you the possibility of condensing the contents of a book into one or more animated videos. Offer your readers a support tool for your publications.

We do more things, of course

Do not limit yourself to what is written here. Write us your idea and we will surely reach an understanding to put it into practice in the best possible way. We love talking to people as great as you.

If you have a publishing house, maybe we can suggest mutual ways of collaboration. Write us your proposal.